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We've taught classes at: Renaissance HS, Mumford HS, Central HS, Southeastern HS, Northwestern Academy, Spectrum Juvenile Detention Center, Wayne County Community College, the NAACP Detroit Youth Council and the Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy.

Earning Money

Understanding how to earn money is more than just pocket change for young minds. It's a doorway to responsibility, confidence, and even empathy. Every coin earned teaches valuable lessons about effort, the concept of fair exchange, and the pride of accomplishment. It becomes a stepping stone to future goals, from that coveted skateboard to college dreams, fostering a "can-do" attitude that empowers young people to build their own financial future, brick by brick.

Saving Money

Imagine a piggy bank overflowing with possibilities! When young people learn to save, they unlock a superpower: the ability to make future wishes come true. Every saved penny adds up, like tiny seeds sprouting into a garden of dreams. Whether it's a new bike, a family vacation, or even a college fund, the magic of saving shows them the power of delayed gratification and responsible choices. It's planting a seed of hope and watching it blossom into a sense of security and control over their financial future. So, let's fill their piggy banks with dreams and teach them the magic of watching those dreams grow, one shiny coin at a time.


Imagine life without a map, wandering aimlessly with your allowance. Budgeting gives young minds a map for their money, a compass to navigate wants and needs. It's like dividing their piggy bank into treasure chests, each labeled "lunch money," "movie tickets," or "saving for summer camp." Learning to budget translates to making choices, prioritizing desires, and understanding the value of what they have. It's like building a mini-empire with their coins, teaching them how to be responsible rulers of their own financial future, one balanced budget at a time.


Imagine a seed, small and unassuming, but holding the potential for a mighty oak. That's the magic of investing for young minds. When they learn about it, they unlock the secret of making their money grow, like planting a seed and watching it sprout into a towering financial forest. From choosing the right acorn to nurturing it with patience, they learn about making informed decisions, managing risk, and reaping the rewards of long-term thinking. It's a glimpse into the future, where every saved penny can blossom into something bigger, giving them the confidence and skills to build a strong financial foundation that will weather any storm. So, let's give them the tools to be future financial gardeners, planting seeds of hope and watching their money grow tall and strong.

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