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It's Never Too Early to Start Learning!

Ken "Blanks" Harrell, Certified Financial Education Instructor℠


Financial Literacy for our Youth

It's time to ditch the piggy bank for prosperity! Invest in your child's financial future with our engaging program designed for ages 8-18. They'll learn budgeting basics, responsible choices, and build real-world skills that translate to a lifetime of financial confidence.

Dollar Notes

Learn how to budget like a ninja, save like a squirrel, and make smart choices with their cash. This pillar teaches kids and teens the basics of income, expenses, and tracking, so they can be responsible mini-moguls.


From buying that awesome skateboard to saving for a college adventure, this pillar teaches kids and teens how to set realistic financial goals, prioritize needs and wants, and make saving fun and rewarding. Piggy banks become launchpads for future dreams!

Unravel the mysteries of borrowing and learn how to manage it like a superhero. This pillar equips kids and teens with the knowledge to avoid unnecessary debt, understand repayments, and make responsible choices that won't leave them feeling like villains later.


Plant the seeds of financial curiosity and explore the exciting world of investment. This pillar introduces kids and teens to different investment types, the power of compounding, and how to make informed decisions for their future financial forest.


Program Highlights

From pocket money to paychecks, we equip young minds (ages 8 -18) with the financial smarts to budget, save, and build a rock-solid future. Start their journey today!

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